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Attorney Frank J. Prainito
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Frank J. Prainito

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Primary Phone Number: (909) 481-3626
Secondary Phone Number: (951) 530-8655

4192 Brockton Ave, #103
Riverside, California 92501

When asked why I chose law as a profession one of my answers has always been that I wanted to help make a positive difference in peoples' lives. I have represented clients that have lived through a lifetime of abuse and control by the other spouse which makes me question why they waited so long before seeking legal advice. A life of physical, financial, and/or psychological abuse should never be tolerated regardless if the abuse is coming from a male, female, or directed toward children. I can help.

There are several types of abuse including abuse of elders... sometimes by family members. It may be financial in nature in stealing money from a senior by fraud, misrepresentation, or by taking advantage of their ill health or limited mental ability. This is not only morally wrong, it is a crime. Bullying comes in many forms and oftentimes spills over into division of estate or trust accounts where one family member steals from the others. I can make a difference.

In the State of California, as in many other states, we have what is called community property laws, which means, from the date of marriage to date of separation, everything acquired during the marriage belongs to both parties, not just one. Regardless of the title of a property,as in a Deed of Trust,the property belongs to both parties equally. Each spouse's talents, abilities, and skills belong to both spouses equally regardless of the name written on the paycheck. All bank accounts, business accounts, and other property must be equally divided. There are a few exceptions which I can review with you and explain in detail but, generally speaking, they belong to both parties equally.

I have been successfully practicing law since 1996 where I began my career as an intem for the San Bernardino County Public Defender. Shortly afterwards, I joined a Riverside Law Firm where I began practicing family law and probate law. One year later, I formed my own law firm specializing in Family Law, Probate Law, and other areas of civil law. While practicing in San Bernardino County, the controlling judge noticed how detailed I was and asked me to serve as a court appointed attorney representing indigents in probate law cases. I have served as a court appointed attorney in both Riverside and San Bernardino counties from 2005 to 2012. I have also been called upon by the courts to serve as Judge Pro Tem as needed.

I wore many hats prior to becoming an attomey and know what it feels like to be alone against the system and how important my role is in representing you.

  • Detroit Public School District, Junior High and High School English Teacher
  • Utica High School, Michigan, English Teacher
  • Western High School, Anaheim, California, Drama & English, Teacher
  • Colton Unified School District, High School Drama Teacher
  • Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance & Investments, Sales Agent
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, Life Insurance Manager

J.D., Western State University, College of Law , 9/1991 - 12/1995

California Poly University, 1980 - 1982
California Teaching Credential / Clear Teaching Credential

B.S., Wayne State University, 9/1969 - 6/1973
Education, and Teaching Credential

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice California, 1996
Professional & Bar Association Memberships

San Bernardino Bar Association

Riverside Bar Association


Judge Pro Tem San Bernardino County Superior Court, Central District, 2005 to 2012 and Special Counsel for Conservatee, Superior Court County of San Bernardino and Riverside, 1997 to 2010. Numerous achievement awards.

Client Reviews
Frank did an awesome job for me with my divorce. I recommend him to friends. Caden Lucas
Mr. Prainito was a pleasure to deal with for our estate planning. I will use him again if I have a legal issue. Mila Santos
Frank Prainito is a great attorney. Frank and his staff stayed with me every step of the way in my family law case. I now have sole physical custody. Frank Prainito and his staff is great! I would recommend Frank Prainito! Jesse Castellanos
Great attorney! I hired Attorney Prainito for a post-judgment modification of child custody. My case was very complex that ultimately went to trial and thanks to Mr.Prainito’s expertise I now have sole physical custody. Mr. Prainito and his staff were with me every step of the way throughout the process and I couldn’t be happier with the personalized attention, sound advise and results I received. J. Castellanos
When I initially met with Attorney Prainito, my child’s mother was seeking sole legal and physical custody and more child support. Attorney Prainito completely turned the tables and I got orders awarding me sole legal and physical custody, the mom has professionally supervised visitation and I pay zero child support. Attorney Prainito got things done quickly and efficiently and I couldn’t be happier with the results! J. Meleisea