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Attorney Frank J. Prainito

Family Law

I have been specializing in Family Law in the State of California since 1996 primarily in San Bernardino, Riverside, and Los Angeles counties. Family law encompasses an extremely wide amount of subject matter including, but not limited to, divorce, annulment, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, adoption, guardianship, domestic violence, and other areas of law. The entire code contains 20 separate divisions of law and 20,043 chapters, making it one of the most complex areas of law in our state.

A good family law attorney should also be well versed in the Code of Civil Procedure as these rules have a tremendous impact on your case. The Code establishes which court would have jurisdiction over your particular case, where you need to file, and the time limits to bring certain actions such as motions for relief of orders or judgments. It also gives you guidelines concerning discovery such as subpoena's, demand for production of documents, interrogatories, and requests for admissions. All of these tools and more are absolutely necessary in preparing and litigating your case to a successful conclusion.

As a Family Law attorney I am very well practiced in the Evidence Code of California whereas the code is broken down into 11 separate divisions of law including rules concerning witnesses, privileged communication, hearsay rules, and what is considered admissible evidence in a court of law. These rules sometimes change and the court has the duty to interpret these rules that our state legislature has established. As an example, a witnesses statement may be hearsay in one occasion but, if the witness is asked the question differently, it may be considered admissible evidence.

It is to your advantage to pick the most experienced family law attorney possible to handle your case as your entire livelihood may very well be dependent upon the outcome of your case. While it is impossible to predict the outcome in any case, it is advantageous to pick the most experienced, dedicated, and accessible family law lawyer you can afford in order to have the advantage over your opponent. I have been practicing family law for over 20 years almost excessively in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles Counties. During this time I have had thousands of cases before judges and commissioners whom I have gotten to know very well and I know what they want to see and hear about my clients to give my clients favorable decisions.

At the time of your scheduled consultation, you will meet with me personally and we will discuss many issues including when would be the best time to file for a divorce in a marriage that has no chance of recovery and what steps should first be taken before filing legal paper in preparation of a winning case. In some cases I may suggest waiting in order for you to gather certain documents to support your position, documents which, after we notice the other party of the pending divorce, may be harder to obtain, hidden or even destroyed. Perhaps you have questions about withdrawing money from a joint account or concerns about making certain separate property will remain separate property in the eyes of the courts.

Family Law is my speciality but I also practice Probate Law and Estate Planning which, in many cases, makes me even more valuable as your family law attorney. To schedule a consultation call 951-530-8655 or 909-481-3626.

Client Reviews
Frank did an awesome job for me with my divorce. I recommend him to friends. Caden Lucas
Mr. Prainito was a pleasure to deal with for our estate planning. I will use him again if I have a legal issue. Mila Santos
Frank Prainito is a great attorney. Frank and his staff stayed with me every step of the way in my family law case. I now have sole physical custody. Frank Prainito and his staff is great! I would recommend Frank Prainito! Jesse Castellanos
Great attorney! I hired Attorney Prainito for a post-judgment modification of child custody. My case was very complex that ultimately went to trial and thanks to Mr.Prainito’s expertise I now have sole physical custody. Mr. Prainito and his staff were with me every step of the way throughout the process and I couldn’t be happier with the personalized attention, sound advise and results I received. J. Castellanos
When I initially met with Attorney Prainito, my child’s mother was seeking sole legal and physical custody and more child support. Attorney Prainito completely turned the tables and I got orders awarding me sole legal and physical custody, the mom has professionally supervised visitation and I pay zero child support. Attorney Prainito got things done quickly and efficiently and I couldn’t be happier with the results! J. Meleisea