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Child Custody

Child CustodyAt the Law Office of Frank J. Prainito, A Professional Corporation, we keep your child’s best interests at the forefront of our strategy throughout your case. Whether you are involved in a divorce or are seeking a parenting order outside of a divorce context, the issues are the same.

The purpose of child custody and visitation arrangements, which in California are called “parenting orders,” is to promote your children’s best interests. To accomplish that, the courts can consider many factors such as health and safety, preservation of relationships with each parent, family traditions and culture, a stable home life, and other loving relationships the child has. There is no set rule as to which parent must be the primary care giver.

Meet with a San Bernardino child custody lawyer before working out an agreement or participating in mediation on your own. Contact our law offices online or call us at (951) 530-8655 to schedule an initial consultation.

We Know the Local Courts and Legal System

With over 20 years of experience in the San Bernardino and Riverside County courts, attorney Frank Prainito knows the local justice system thoroughly, including the other attorneys, judges, forensic specialists and other professionals. We frequently work with professional psychologists, child custody experts and other support professionals to make sure that kids remain at the heart of every custody settlement.

We also represent clients in child custody modifications.

Child Custody: What Are Your Rights?

We believe parents should be informed of their rights concerning custody and child support. In some cases, one or both parents are planning a move out of the area or out of the state. If so, a modification of their custody and visitation rights will be necessary.

Attorney Frank Prainito meticulously assesses each situation as we work to develop an equitable agreement for each client. If necessary, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf in court as part of our family law litigation services.

Additional Legal Services

We handle a full range of legal issues related to children and child custody, including:

  • Determining the legal parenting arrangements, which have commonly been described in terms of whether you will have sole or joint custody, and whether you have physical and/or legal custody.
  • Determining the actual visitation or “parenting time” schedules
  • Fathers’ rights/dad’s law issues
  • Parent and/or child “move-aways” (relocation issues)
  • Child support
  • Modification or enforcement of parenting and support orders
  • Child abuse and neglect
We Can Help Protect Your Child From an Abusive Parent

We aggressively advocate for victims of family violence who are seeking restraining orders. Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation. We respond immediately to urgent situations. Domestic violence and neglect are crimes, and we take the matter very seriously. If you are aware of a family situation that has become dangerous for a child or vulnerable adult, we can help you pursue a legal guardianship or conservatorship.

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Child Custody Issues

Can I Change Counselor or Evaluator?

Yes you can if it is made timely and with good cause:

A Requests for Change of mediator child custody recommending counselor or evaluator shall be addressed to the Director of Family Court Services. If the request for change is not satisfactorily resolved, it may be brought to the attention of the Presiding Judge of the Family Law Division of the District in which the case is being heard.

Mediators: The request for a change of mediator child custody recommending counselor shall be made prior to the beginning of the mediation child custody recommending session. The request will be granted only upon a substantial showing that the mediator child custody recommending counselor is prejudiced against one of the patties or counsel; or is unable to perform his or her duties in a fair and impartial manner.

Evaluators: The request for a change of evaluator shall be made within five ( 5 ) days of the attorney/or patty in propria persona receiving written notification of the evaluator assigned to the case. Changes will not be granted absent a substantial showing that the evaluator is prejudiced against one of the parties or counsel or is otherwise unable to render a fair and impartial evaluation.

Also, an Evaluators may petition the Court to withdraw from a case, for good cause. The petition shall be made in writing, directed to the judicial officer to whom the case has been assigned, with copies to counsel or parties. A hearing shall be scheduled, if requested by counsel or parties or as deemed necessary by the judicial officer. The evaluator need not be present at the hearing unless directed by the court. No peremptory challenges of an evaluator are allowed.

Complaints: Complaints about the services of mediator’s child custody recommending counselors and evaluators shall be addressed to the Director of Family Court Services. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved, it may be addressed to the Presiding Judge of the Family Law Division of the District in which the case is being heard.

*Based on local rules and regulations.

Client Reviews
Frank did an awesome job for me with my divorce. I recommend him to friends. Caden Lucas
Mr. Prainito was a pleasure to deal with for our estate planning. I will use him again if I have a legal issue. Mila Santos
Frank Prainito is a great attorney. Frank and his staff stayed with me every step of the way in my family law case. I now have sole physical custody. Frank Prainito and his staff is great! I would recommend Frank Prainito! Jesse Castellanos
Great attorney! I hired Attorney Prainito for a post-judgment modification of child custody. My case was very complex that ultimately went to trial and thanks to Mr.Prainito’s expertise I now have sole physical custody. Mr. Prainito and his staff were with me every step of the way throughout the process and I couldn’t be happier with the personalized attention, sound advise and results I received. J. Castellanos
When I initially met with Attorney Prainito, my child’s mother was seeking sole legal and physical custody and more child support. Attorney Prainito completely turned the tables and I got orders awarding me sole legal and physical custody, the mom has professionally supervised visitation and I pay zero child support. Attorney Prainito got things done quickly and efficiently and I couldn’t be happier with the results! J. Meleisea