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San Bernardino County Living Will Attorney

Every individual has important decisions to make about the fate of his or her assets after he or she passes away. Do you want to let the state decide who will inherit your money and property? Rancho Cucamonga wills attorney Frank J. Prainito encourages clients to make their own plan for the future and designate asset distribution to their loved ones, charities or other beneficiaries.

At the Law Office of Frank J. Prainito, A Professional Corporation, we provide clients with the tools they need to plan for the future. Estate planning through wills and trusts does not have to be complicated or expensive. We are here to help you protect your assets and ultimately, your loved ones’ inheritance. Contact us online today to schedule a consultation at our law office in Rancho Cucamonga.

Using Wills to Address Estate Planning Matters

A will is a legal document that notes the preferences of an individual to be carried out upon his or her death. Our firm’s wills attorney helps clients address the following issues:

Identification of assets to beneficiaries such as family members, spouses, domestic partners, children, friends, charities and schools
Beneficiary information
Allocation of assets to beneficiaries
Care of minor children upon the death of a parent
A will can be an effective estate planning tool used to transfer your assets to your loved ones regardless of any biological relationship. Attorney Frank J. Prainito routinely prepares wills for unmarried clients who are living together or have children together. We also develop wills for domestic partners.

Using Trusts to Protect Assets

When you create a trust, you are establishing a legal entity that holds property to benefit the beneficiary of the trust. Because trust assets no longer belong to the creator or the trust, those assets are not subject to probate when he or she dies. Probate can be a complex, lengthy and expensive process. Establishing a trust can save your beneficiaries both time and money.

Attorney Frank Prainito can help you prepare the following trusts to meet your specific needs:

Living trusts
Special needs trusts
Combined family trusts
Husband/wife trusts
Domestic partner trusts
Our law firm also seeks to preserve clients’ interests with contested trusts throughout San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

Contact Our San Bernardino County Living Will Attorney

Contact us online to schedule a consultation today with an experienced Rancho Cucamonga wills attorney. We are ready to start working with you from our law office in San Bernardino, conveniently located near the Rancho Cucamonga Courthouse.