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Rancho Cucamonga Power of Attorney

A letter of attorney or the power of attorney is any written authorization that acts or represent on another person’s behalf in various legal issues, business, or private affairs. In some cases, this often occurs against the wishes of the other party. Also, the person authorizing the other individual to act is referred to as the donor, grantor, or the principal of the power.

In most cases, the powers of attorney are used in circumstances where the victim experiences an illness or accident hence making it difficult for them to make accurate decisions on their own. Due to this reason, everyone above the age of 18 years is advised by the Office of the Public Advocate to consider using this endurable method. Hence, an individual’s rights and dignity can be easily promoted by using the enduring powers of attorney when they find it difficult to make decisions on their own regarding various issues. However, unless the people appointed clearly understand their responsibilities and roles, then this method can be hectic. In order for the individuals to carry out their duties according to the law, the Office of the Public Advocate provides adequate advice for the people appointed under these powers.

Two Types of Powers of Attorney

There are two major categories of the powers of attorney: Durable and Ordinary.

Durable Powers of Attorney

The durable powers of attorney are always valid even in cases whereby the grantor becomes mentally incapacitated. However, at the time when these powers are made, the grantor or donor is required to be mentally stable.

Ordinary Powers of Attorney

On the other hand, ordinary powers of attorney are considered valid only when the donor later is proven to be eligible for representing him or herself. In addition, the power of attorney is considered invalid when the donor or grantor becomes mentally incompetent or dies. It is important to take note that the powers of attorney become invalid when the donor or grantor dies, in the two major categories.

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