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Rancho Cucamonga Post-Judgment Modifications Lawyer

What are Post-Modifications

In most cases, situations can change requiring modification on some parts of your agreement after a divorce is considered final.

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Often informal changes are made to your agreement. However, since you might have not followed the original or correct order, you might find yourself being held in contempt of court. Hence, in order to avoid any legal concerns, a family law attorney experienced in post-judgment modifications should be consulted.

Post-Modifications Reasons

Our law firm has a highly-skilled family law attorney with relevant experience in post-judgment modifications. Some situations that lea

d to post-judgment modifications include;

Physical or substance abuse
Additional children
Job promotions
A parent moving
In the event of material changes in the circumstances of either party, courts have the authority to make changes even if a property settlement agreement cannot be altered for sacred reasons. We will work with you hand in hand to ensure that you get perfect post-judgment modifications that will better serve your needs and circumstances.

Post-Modifications types

Our Rancho Cucamonga Post-Judgment Modifications Lawyer handles a wide range of post-judgment modifications including:

Alimony / Spousal support
Child support
Visitation time
Child custody
Your family’s circumstances play a considerable role when the original support and support orders were created and also if a post-modification is needed. The court endeavors to put your child’s or children’s best interest in mind both in the original divorce case and after it is finalized.

For a post modification to be approved there must be compelling reasons and circumstances. An experienced post-judgment modification lawyer can help you and advise you. If there is a relevant change in either parties’ circumstances, then the modifications can be made.

The reasons that might lead to your post-judgment modification include;

the needs of your child changed with time
your child’s school schedule is no longer convenient with the visitation plan
your spouse wants to relocate to another state or city
the custodial parent puts the child in harm or is abusive.
Our Rancho Cucamonga Post-Judgement Modifications Lawyer understands that the agreement made months or years ago might not serve your needs now if circumstances have changed. Therefore, contact us today or schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers to help you come up with a better draft of your new agreement.

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