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Hire a Rancho Cucamonga Beneficiary Representation Lawyer

We can help you with your wide range of beneficiary representation cases if you are a beneficiary to a trust administration or an estate. The law office of Frank J Prainito is highly-skilled and equipped with ideas on how to successfully help you with your beneficiary dispute. Beneficiary disputes include; disagreements regarding a will based on various issues, being left out and slighted out of a will. Also we can help you if you suspect a breach of fiduciary duty or any illegal activity concerning the estate.

In some cases yoy may find that the trust, will or other legal document is fraudulent because the person who wrote was under duress or might have been coerced to write it differently from the original plan. In other cases, the will can be rendered invalid when the author was not of sound mind or mentally incompetent when the document was written. You can contest the will and raise a dispute if you are certain or believe that the author wrote the will under coercion, duress, or undue influence. Our highly skilled Rancho Cucamonga Probate Lawyer are ready to represent you

Problems with the Trustee or Executor

The trustee or executor of a will may be considered incompetent when they are found commingling the estate in a way that is illegal, inappropriate or devious; often referred to as self-dealing.
The trustee or executor might be found failing in their role in one or more or the following responsibilities;

to properly preserve the assets
failure to account for all of the estate and financial activities related to the property
taking bribes from beneficiaries (who want more of the estate to be allocated to them)
they may be partial to certain beneficiaries.
We are committed to providing you with Honest Representation

Our law firm includes well-trained probate lawyers who have many years of experience handling various types of Beneficiary Representation. We have helped many people who have been mistreated in an estate or probate administration proceedings. You can be assured of receiving honest and highly-skilled representation.

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