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Birth Certificate Amendments Lawyer – Rancho Cucamonga

How to – Birth Certificate Amendments

There are various ways on how to go about the Birth Certificate Amendment. People often change their spouse’s, children’s, or birth certificate names after a divorce. At our law firm, our Birth Certificate Amendments Lawyer is highly experienced in various family law issues and can help you to avoid compromising your rights. If you need to make vital amendments on a birth certificate, then a REG-34 General Amendment form is required.

When amending your birth certificate, there are three categories considered;

Typographical errors
Ancillary items
Non-ancillary items

The ancillary items are the non-critical supplemental items. The Local Registrar, in most cases, amends and accepts the amendments made to the birth certificate immediately. This does not require the authorization or review by the Office of Vital Statistics and Registry. The whole process can be confusing and complex. Our Rancho Cucamonga Birth Certificate Amendments Lawyer will provide you skilled family law representation and advice when it comes to all your Birth Certificate Amendments needs.

Often changing the details of your spouse or child birth certificate might require filing a petition with the court. The consent of both parties is required.

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