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The Law Offices of Frank J. Prainito

G. Rodriguez

“My results have been so good, I enthusiastically refer all of my friends! The mother of my children kept taking me back to court and Attorney Prainito won every time. We used toshare joint custody but I now have sole custody thanks to Attorney Prainito’s excellent advise and representation. We went to trial and Attorney Prainito was so much better prepared than the other attorney it was almost embarrassing. Attorney Prainito and his staff genuinely care and I wouldn’t trust my case with anyone else.”

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J. Meleisea

“When I initially met with Attorney Prainito, my child’s mother was seeking sole legal and physical custody and more child support. Attorney Prainito completely turned the tablesand I got orders awarding me sole legal and physical custody, the mom has professionally supervised visitation and I pay zero child support. Attorney Prainito got things done quickly and efficiently and I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

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J. Castellanos

“Great attorney! I hired Attorney Prainito for a post-judgment modification of child custody. My case was very complex that ultimately went to trial and thanks to Mr.Prainito’s expertise I now have sole physical custody. Mr. Prainito and his staff were with me every step of the way throughout the process and I couldn’t be happier with the personalized attention, sound advise and results I received.”

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Laura N

I was the victim of a bad marriage. I was referred to Frank Prainito by a friend who had experienced similar abuse issues with her baby’s father. I hired Frank to handle my divorce and domestic violence problems. Frank filed for orders and within 2 days we appeared in court. Frank convinced the judge to awarded me Sole Legal and Sole Physical Custody and then filed the divorce papers. The father ended up with supervised visitations and a $2,500 a month child support order. Frank did not stop there as he was able to prove to the court this father had a good source of income and also discovred hidden bank accounts which he was able to freeze. I ended up with over $100,000 in cash and a large spousal support payment in addition to the child support. I will highly recommend Frank to everyone that needs a good lawyer.”

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“I would highly recommend Frank Prainito to handle complex divorce issues. My wife hired a law firm from Orange County who dragged this case on for months. They went after me for $40,000 in attorney fees saying I had caused the delays.I hired Frank about that time to take the case over and within two appearances we were on our way to a full settlement on all issues.I appreciate knowing our many thousands of dollars of assets were fairly divided. I was also able to win back a separate property residence which I had my ex-wife added during the marriage. The nightmare is over and I saved myself a ton of money and the grief of this nasty divorce.”

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Representing Individuals & Businesses

The Law Offices of Frank J. Prainito is a well-established law firm located in Rancho Cucamonga that provides a wide range of quality, cost-effective legal services to clients throughout California and San Bernardino County. We strive to meet the legal needs of our individual clients and their families, and of small businesses, by offering personalized service that allows us to understand each client’s individual needs.


We have a proven track record

Built on the intensive attention to crucial details that we give to clients’ legal issues, you can be sure that you will be taken care of properly if you come to us. We always begin with a Consultation that allows you to get to know us and us to get to know you. We want to be familiar with every detail pertaining to your unique situation so that nothing gets overlooked. At the same time, we are experienced, result-oriented, lawyers who never let the details get in the way of helping you achieve the outcomes that are important to you.


Our Law Office will help you

To prevent problems by heading off possible future legal issues before they arise, thorough careful planning and well-drafted, clear, documents are essential. If a dispute has already arisen, our Law Office will assist you to reach a cost-effective resolution as quickly as possible.